How to Set Up Your Services and Packages in

A note before we begin:

Once fully configured, will be an extremely flexible and powerful resource for your business. As well as saving yourself a significant amount of time and stress every day, your customers will really notice the difference in how efficiently they are able to able to make a booking with you..

But Rome wasn’t built in a day..

Whilst the scenario described above is the ultimate goal, it’s important to remember that you can start using with almost no initial setup. Particularly if you are not overly comfortable with technology, our advice is to start with a simple setup for your services and packages, and / or to use just a subset of all the available features initially. As your understanding and confidence grows over time, you can expand your services and packages setup, and start to use more features.

However quickly you intend on taking full advantage of Snozzcumber’s power, you are advised to spend 30 minutes or so familiarising yourself with how Services and Packages are are intended to be used before diving in with the setup process.

Services vs Packages

As Services and Packages will form the foundation for your account, getting them right will give you a great head start. Various other concepts are built on top of Packages, including Package Equipment Options, Package Outfit Options, and Package Extras, which is what makes them so important to get right before getting carried away with bells and whistles.

ConceptDescribes in general terms one particular kind of party that you offer. This is a high-level concept and does NOT include details such as pricing.Describes a package that a customer can book. Includes a list of features, duration and pricing.
Good ExamplesBalloon Modelling, Soft Play Parties, Bouncy Castle Hire, Mascot AppearancePackage 1, Gold Package, One Hour Party, Full Day Castle Hire
Incorrect ExamplesPackage 1, Gold Package, One Hour Party, Full Day Castle Hire, Fairy Tale Bouncy Castle, Superhero MascotBalloon Modelling, Soft Play Parties, Bouncy Castle Hire, Mascot Appearance, Fairy Tale Bouncy Castle, Superhero Mascot

Common Mistakes

1. Setting up Services for what ought to be Packages

2. Setting up a single generic Service with lots of Packages

3. Setting up individual bouncy castles as Packages

4. Setting up individual mascots as Packages

Note the ‘Fairy Tale Bouncy Castle’ and ‘Superhero Mascot’ entries in the list of incorrect examples for both Services and Packages. Both of these would be ideal candidates for setting up as Equipment Options, as we will discuss later.

Example Setups – Find Your Recipe

The examples below should help paint a picture of how your completed Services and Packages structure might look. A great way to get started is to choose the example that most closely resembles what your business offers, then adapt it for your needs. You can even copy and paste the example into a word processor and adjust as required. You can then use this as your recipe for setting up your Services and Packages structure in your Snozzcumber account.

Mobile Entertainer: Simple Example

  • Service 1: “Balloon Modelling”
    • Package 1: “Silver Package”
      • Outfit Choice: “Choice of outfit”
        • Option: “Clown outfit”
        • Option: “Posh outfit”
    • Package 2: “Gold Package”
      • Outfit Choice: “Choice of outfit”
        • Option: “Clown outfit”
        • Option: “Posh outfit”

Party Venue: Simple Example

  • Service 1: “Soft Play Parties”
    • Package 1: “Weekday Package – 1 Hour”
    • Package 2: “Weekday Package – 2 Hours”
    • Package 3: “Weekend Package – Exclusive”

Bouncy Castle Hirer: Simple Example

  • Service 1: “Bouncy Castle Hire”
    • Package 1: “Full Day Hire”
      • Equipment Choice: “Choice of castle”
        • Option: “Fairy Tale Castle”
        • Option: “Superhero Castle”
        • Option: “Traditional Castle”

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