Thank you to everyone who has had kind words to say about – this applies to both party professionals signed up to Snozzcumber, as well as those who have found the site useful in finding and booking party services.

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Below is a selection of testimonials from our customers and site users..

Party Venue: The Model Experience

(Featured listing in Leeds) has provided me with significantly more party enquiries than some other party-related directory sites I have tried – in one case, 8 times the enquiries for a similar-priced service. Around half of my enquiries have converted into bookings, meaning my listing is paying for itself several times over.

Whilst my own site is ranked top in Google for more specific searches like ‘model parties leeds’, being signed up with Snozzcumber is like paying less than a fiver a month for more common generic searches like ‘kids parties leeds’. It’s also great that Snozzcumber provides all the info needed for the booking in the initial enquiry, minimising the time needed to convert each enquiry into a secured booking.

I’ve been in direct contact with the owner of the site on several occasions and have always received prompt and helpful replies to my queries, so you can tell they really value each customer.

In my experience, Snozzcumber is the most cost-effective service for advertising children’s party services.

Matt Bates

See The Model Experience’s Snozzcumber PartyFolio.

Mobile Party Provider: MKP Entertainment

(Featured listing across multiple areas)

We have been advertising with Snozzcumber now for approx 6 months and have found them to be a great source of leads.

Adam and his team are also very helpfull with anything too.

David Green

MKP Entertainment offer a variety of children’s parties across the UK.
See MKP’s Snozzcumber PartyFolio.

We have been advertising with Snozzcumber now for approx 6 months and have found them to be a great source of leads.
Adam and his team are also very helpfull with anything too.

Mobile Party Provider: Froggle Parties

(Featured listing across multiple areas)

Snozzcumber has been generating a great deal of party enquiries for us from the moment we started. We have found ti to be a really useful resource for getting enquiries in the local area.

Michael Rossini

Froggle Parties offer a variety of children’s parties across the UK.
See Froggle Party’s Snozzcumber PartyFolio.

Party venue: Burnley Wood Community Centre

(Enquiry manager & Booking system with PartyFolio)

A massive thank you to Adam for holding my hand whilst getting everything set up. I was over the moon was only live a few hours and we had our first enquiry, that pleased I messaged Adam to tell him.

Karen Heseltine

Burnley Wood offers a variety of party services, including discos, mascot appearances and bouncy castles.

See Burnley Woods’s Snozzcumber mini-site.

Party Provider: Kim Pengelly, Hope Pastures Horse and Donkey Sanctuary

We’ve found the Snozzcumber system very helpful, giving us relevant and timely information upon which we can act to convert enquiries into sales. As the site becomes more well-known, we’ve received and increasing number of enquiries, generating us additional business.

Hope Pastures is based in Leeds, and they offer Pony Pampering parties where the kids can brush and groom the ponies.

See Hope Pasture’s parties listed on Snozzcumber.

Mobile Party Provider: Mrs Bead Jewellery Making Parties

I think your website/app is a great idea!

The children’s party industry is in need of a one stop shop for sourcing good, reliable providers and Snozzcumber does just that! Well done! ”

Racheal Brennan

Mrs Bead is a mobile party provider based in Earby, Lancashire hosting excellent jewellery making parties.
See Mrs Beads’ parties listed on Snozzcumber.

Parent: Kayleigh Houghton

It’s such a great site, would be handy here in Dubai!

Nursery Nurse: Rachael Baldwin

I have heard parents say how time consuming it is ringing places up for quotes.

So many of the parents in my room ask for advice about places iv heard of, places that are popular, as for many of them its the first time they have had a party for their child

Really do love the idea. It’s because I’m forever handing invitations out to parents.

Playscape Engineering

Here is a fantastic website that helps you plan your child’s party! Whether it’s a birthday or Christening, if you’re looking for a venue or party equipment – this place has it all! More more information, check out Kids’ Parties

Playscape Engineering creates outdoor play areas for children of all ages.
Check out their Facebook page here

Parent: Kerry Seddon

It’s a great idea though! And the website is really helpful. I’d much rather do things online than have to ring someone as I go online at night when kids are in bed.

Parent: Charlotte Hunt

I love the website and the service it provides! It’ll be well helpful when the time comes!

Really easy to use.

Parent: Victoria Kyreacou

The site is fab.

Being able to request bookings online on Snozzcumber is great – It is not offered by many providers on their individual websites. It is often more convenient and sometimes when you ring for a party all the information isn’t available (ie you get the weekend staff or the manager is out etc)

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