What is Snozzcumber.com?

If you’re currently caring for children aged three or above, chances are you’ve been to your fair share of birthday parties lately. Whilst some will have gone swimmingly well, our guess is that there will be some that you can recall for all the wrong reasons.

Snozzcumber.com helps parents ensure their children and their friends have the best possible party on each and every special occasion. It does this through a combination of two ways:

  1. Unique interactive tools, e.g. a tool finding party providers and package based on postcode.
  2. Helpful and original content, e.g. advice on planning food for a kids party, and bouncy castle safety advice.

But, why did we call it ‘Snozzcumber’!?

Have you ever read The BFG by Roald Dahl? If so, the word snozzcumber may ring a bell. If you are lucky enough to have vivid memories from your childhood, you may even recall that in the fantasy world in which The BFG lived, snozzcumbers were giant ugly-looking vegetables, with some resemblance to real world cucumbers.

Although this interpretation is not exactly related to children’s parties, this wonderful word cropped up when we were thinking of a name for this site, and we saw it in a somewhat contrasting light. We envisaged Snozzy the Snozzcumber – a cute and friendly character, who’s sole aim in life is to help children find their way to the party of their dreams, and ensure that the party is as fun and safe as possible for all concerned. With this vision in mind, we knew we just had to adopt Snozzy as the mascot for this site.


Please note that Snozzcumber.com is in no way affiliated with The BFG or Roald Dahl. We have adopted just a single (albeit splendid) word from The BFG, and this should be considered a complete coincidence.

(Having said that, we do believe he writes rather lovely stories for children, which you can find more about on his website here.)


  • Alasdair Andrew

    August 12, 2015 at 8:46 AM Reply

    Hi Snozzy (aka Marek and Adam.)

    This ia a great idea and the website is excellent. A couple of my observation …..
    I find the text colour a little too pale against a white background. Slightly darker text and/or an off-white background?
    My preference is to open links in a newtab or window.

    Also I was think about how we can promote this website on the various council websites. I will have a look at Leeds and see if there is a way.

    Kind regards
    07903 388 233

    • Snozzy


      August 17, 2015 at 10:23 PM Reply

      Hi Alasdair,

      Thanks very much for your kind words and feedback. We’ve now made some tweaks to the site design, including darkening the main content text in line with your suggestion. We always welcome such feedback.

      We indeed see a lot of potential in a working with Leeds City Council. They run several leisure centres and other venues each with a nice variety of children’s party packages. It must be a challenge for the council to keep the info about all their party options up-to-date, and to make it easily available to the public. Snozzcumber.com is designed to do precisely that job. We look forward to speaking with them in this regard in the near future.

      Thanks again,

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